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  • Frozen French Fries Production Line |Potato Chips Production Line

    Description:Frozen french fries production line is highly automated and intelligent,suitable for large-scale French fries plants, but also suitable for small frozen fries processing plants. With less manual participation and higher return on investment, this set of commercial french fries making machines are very popular on the global market.

    Application: Frozen French Fries,Potato Chips,Banana Chips.

    Capacity: Customized According …

  • Potato Chips Production Line | French Fries Production Line

    Description:Potato chips production line is the good choice of the medium and large potato chips processing plants. Based on the semi-automatic potato chip line, this potato chips making plant replaces manual labor with automatic transporting equipment at key links, thus ensuring product hygiene and improving production efficiency.

    Application: Potato Chips,Frozen French Fries,Banana Chips.

    Capacity: Customized According to …

  • Small Scale French Fries Production Line |Banana Chips Production Line|Potato Chips Production Line

    Description:Small Scale French Fries Production Line is suitable for small-scale plants,both can produce the the banana chips and potato chips. lower investment and high profit project, small processing plant are very popular on the global market.

    Application:French Fries,Potato Chips,Banana Chips.

    Capacity: 50-300KG/H Customized According to Customer Demand.

    Machine Material:Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel

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