Burger Frying Machine Deep Frying Machine

Description:This burger frying machine can deep frying hamburger patty,meat patty chicken nuggets,nuts and etc.Highly automatic,save labor.Also energy saving

Raw Material: Burger,Chicken Nuggets,Chicken Legs,Nuts,Meat,Fruit and Vegetable and etc

Capacity: Customized According Customer Requirement

Machine Material:Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel


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Wide Application of this Burger Frying Machine:

This Burger Frying Machine can also frying Peanut,Almond,Cashew Nut,Peas, broadbeans,Chickpeas,Meat,Pork Skin,Fish,Chicken Nuggets,Hamburger patty,meat patty,vegetable pies,onion ring,shrimp,spring roll ,fresh corn and etc.product can use this machine do the frying process.

Feature of Burger Frying Machine:

1.The whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel material.

2.Heating method: Gas, Electricity or use these two heating method in one machine can choose.

3.Frying temperature range 0-300℃ is adjustable, frying time can be set.

4.This burger frying machine is equipped with automatic lifting device for easy to clean inside.

5.Belt type: Mesh belt or Chain belt depending on frying materials and receive custom made.

6.Conveying speed is adjustable, it is equipped with oil storage tank and oil circulating pump.

7.Fire-extinguishing device and Oil refined filtration device is optional.

8.Unique inner structure with proprietary technology with energy saving and quick heating.

9.This burger frying machine can be used independently, it also can be used in one complete frying line

Burger Frying Machine Deep Frying Machine Electric Frying Machine Product Decription

Burger Frying Machine Deep Frying Machine Electric Frying Machine Product Decription

Technical Parameters:

ModelDimensionTemperature RangeHeating SourceCapacityMesh Belt Width
PF-LXYZ-25002500*800*1400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel200-300kg/h600mm
PF-LXYZ-30003000*1200*2400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel400-500kg/h800mm
PF-LXYZ-40004000*1200*2400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel500-600kg/h800mm
PF-LXYZ-50005000*1200*2400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel700-800kg/h800mm
PF-LXYZ-60006000*1200*2400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel900-1000kg/h800mm
PF-LXYZ-70007000*1200*2400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel1000-1100kg/h800mm
PF-LXYZ-80008000*1200*2400mm0-300℃Electricty / Gas/Diesel1100-1200kg/h800mm
Note: The capacity depends on frying materials and frying time.
Whatever capacity or machine size receive custom made service according to your actual demand
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