Banana Peeling Machine |Plantain Peeling Machine

Description:Banana Peeling Machine is adopt manual feeding, automatic tare processing technology, green banana peel is removed quickly, the size of the banana, banana camber, etc. no special requirements.

Application: Green Banana,Ripe Banana.

Capacity: 150KG/H or 300KG/H or Customized.

Machine Material:Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel


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Banana Peeling Machine Brief Information:

Artificial feeding, automatic peeling process, fast green banana skin removed, equipment is divided into group 4-8 single board can be produced per hour of banana peel 960pcs/h, this machine has no special requirements on the size of a banana, banana camber and etc . This machine has applied for international invention patent.

Plantain Peeling Machine


1.Transporting bananas non-stop intermittently not working smoothly.

2.Peeling machine clean and be able to fully peeled banana skin.

3.Our machine is suitable peeling green bananas, also adapted to the ripe banana peeling.

Machine Working Video:

Technical Parameters:

ModelPowerWorking-StationWeightCapacityMachine Dimension
XJQP-10.37KW1 worker,1working-station100KG150KG/H950*730*930mm
XJQP-20.74KW2 workers,2working-stations230KG300KG/H2100*1060*1040mm

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Banana Chips Production LineIf you interested in this machine ,pls feel free leave your requirements ,we will back to you soon.


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