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These cashew processing equipment is useful,energy saving compact,high production efficiency,easy maintenance and clean.It can process different size of cashew,product meets the health standard.The complete cashew nut peeling machine line including cashew nut grading machine,cashew nut cooking machine,cashew nut shelling machine,cashew nut shelling separating machine,cashew nut peeling machine,cashew nut roasting machine.

General Processing:Grading-Cooking-Shelling-Kernel and Shell Separate-Humidification-Peeling-Color Sorting-Size Grading-Vacuum Packing

Deep Processing:Grading-Cooking-Shelling-Kernel and Shell Separate-Humidification-Peeling-Roasting/Frying-Seasoning-Packaging

Capacity:Can Customized

Machine Material:Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel


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Introduction of Our Cashew Processing Equipment:

The cashew nut processing plant is a whole line for shelling cashew nuts and roasting cashew kernels. Fully-automatic cashew nut shelling and cashew kernel peeling machines save lots of labors.

Features of Our Cashew Processing Equipment:

1.Latest automatic cashew nut shelling line can finish all cashew nut processing steps from nut shelling, separating, peeling to roasting at one time.

2.All parts in Automatic cashew nut shelling line are controlled by PLC. Fully automatic design can save more and more working time and workforce when compared with manual cashew nut process.

3.The automatic cashew nut shelling line are made from carbon steel and stainless steel. It can have a long service life.

4.Adjustable distance between rollers can press cashew nuts in all size.

5.High efficiency in shelling and separating machine. The final perfect cashew kernels can reach 98%.

6.Advanced design ensures a low broken rate and low energy consumption.


Working Video:

Technical Parameters:


Technical Parameters


Grading Parts

Capacity: 500-600KG/H

1 Set

Power: 2.25 KW
Weight: 1300KG
Machine Material: Carbon Steel
Grading With 5 Class(Sizes)
Accessory: Raw Cashew Nut Lifting Feeder

Cooking Parts

Capacity: 300 KG/Time

1 Set

Power: 0.75 KW
Machine Material: Carbon Steel
Dimension: 1250*1250*3700mm
Machine Material: Carbon Steel
Accessory: Steam Boiler

Shelling Parts


1 Set

10 Heads Sheller: 3 Sets
Separator: 4 Sets
Centrifuge: 2 Sets
Sortor: 1 Set
Winnor: 1 Set
Lifter: 1 Set
Feeder: 1 Set
Hopper: 1 Set
Air Fan: 4 Sets and other accessory parts
Capacity: 500KG/H
Total Power: 22KW
Dimension: 8000*6850*2600mm
Weight: 3500kg
Machine Material: Carbon Steel for Frame,
Stainless Steel 201 for Food Contact Part

Drying Parts

Capacity: 900-1000KG/Time

1 Set

Power: 3KW
Dimension: 5250*2200*2300mm
Weight: 2800KG
With 6 Trolley and 240 Tray
Machine Material: Carbon Steel
Heating Source:Boiler Steam


Dimension: 800*800*700mm2 Sets

Peeling Parts

Including:hopper, lifter, loosening machine, peeler, sortor

1 Set

Capacity: 200KG/H
Power: 3KW
Dimension: 8000*1350*2700mm
Weight: 1100kg
Machine Material: Carbon Steel for Frame,
Stainless Steel 201 for Food Contact Part
Accessory:40KW Air Compressor

Cashew Nut Kernel Grading Machine

Capacity: 200kg/h

1 Set

Power: 0.75kw
Dimension: 2200*1100*1600mm
Weight: 350kg
Machine Material: Carbon Steel for frame,
stainless steel 201 for food contact part

Vacuum Packing Machine

Model: VZK-800

1 Set

Sealing Size: 800*8mm
Packing Speed: 2-4bag/min
Sealing Power: 1.5KW
Pump Power: 0.75KW
Dimension: 900*700*1800mm
Weight: 190KG

Note:Above is the capacity 500 KG per hour,we also can supply you other capacity like 100KG/H,200KG/H,

1000KG/H,2000KG/H.Besides,we also can customized the capacity according to your special requirements.

If you are interest this plant ,pls feel free leave your requirements,we will back to you soon


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