Colloid Mill For Sale|Nut Butter Grinder

Description:Colloid Mill Mainly used in Food industry,Chemistry industry,Daily Chemical Industry,Medical industry, Construction industry,Paper making industry and etc.

Application: Food,Chemistry,Medical

Capacity: Details see the below machine technical parameters.

Machine Material:Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel


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Application of Colloid Mill:
1. Food Industry: dairy products, cocoa liquor, bean paste, jam, peanut butter,sesame tahini,almond milk,soybean milk,tiger nut milk cream drinks and etc.
2. Chemical Industry: pigments, lubricants, spices, emulsified asphalt,emulsified rubber, etc.
3. Pharmaceutical Industry: cod liver oil, royal jelly, pollen, etc.
4. Daily Chemicals: shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, detergents, etc.
5. Other Industries: construction industry, paper industry, plastic industry.

Colloid Mill Structure:

Colloid Mill Structure Pictures

Working  Principle:

Colloid mill works with shearing,grinding high-speed stirring.Grinding process occurs in the relative movement between the two teeth with one revolving in high speed and another still,which makes the material between the teeth receive strong shearing and abrasion in addition to high frequency vibration and high speed swirl.The above forces effectively evenly disperse,emulsify,smash the material. JM is a new equipment that wet processes superfine grain.which is used to homogen,emulsify,mix and smash various semi-liquids.Liquids and latex emulsion.

Machine Details:

Colliod Mill Machine Description

Colliod Mill Machine Description

Machine Working Video:

Technical Parameters:

Hopper Volume8 Liters8 Liters10 Liters10 Liters20 Liters20 Liters


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