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Description:This meat smoking house has the functions of drying, cooking, fumigating, exhausting, cleaning and so on.

Application: Meat,Ham, Sausage, Dried Tofu, Bacon,Chicken, Duck, Goose, Fish, Oysters, etc.

Capacity: 30KG/Time,50KG/Time,100KG/Time,250KG/Time,500KG/Time,1000KG/Time.

Price:Manufacturer Directly Supply!Best Price&Quality Machine Supplier in China.

Machine Material:Frame Carbon Steel,Outer and Contact Food Part Food Grade SUS 304

Heating Source:Steam/Electric


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Meat Smoking House Introduction:

Meat Smoking House is one of the necessary equipment in the process of meat,ham, sausage, dried tofu, bacon,chicken, duck, goose, fish, oysters, etc. products. This machine has the functions of drying, cooking, fumigating, exhausting, cleaning and so on.



1. Fully computerized PLC control, which can display the operating status of the equipment intuitively, facilitate the setting, modification, memory storage of various parameters, and automatically record the operating status.
2. Unique wind circulation system. Effectively ensure the consistency of the temperature and humidity of the product during the process of drying, cooking, smoking and coloring, so that the indoor air circulation is evenly diffused, so as to ensure that the product achieves the desired effect under the above-mentioned function operation, so that the coloring is uniform and the color is beautiful.
3. Adopt unique low wind speed and high wind pressure blades, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise.
4. The box structure is based on a single vehicle, modular combination and flexible installation. Each monomer is made of high-temperature resistant polyurethane raw materials, and is made by the overall foaming process (or rock wool insulation), with excellent thermal insulation performance.
5. The overall solid and safe small angle cart slope is adopted, the cart is easy to enter and exit, and the vibration and noise are low, which completely eliminates the pollution of food by the cart flap.
6. The doors of the raw and cooked area are interlocked and the areas are isolated, which meets the requirements of HACCP.
7. The system has its own fault diagnosis function, which can promptly respond to the occurrence of faults on the touch screen, which is convenient for the daily maintenance of the equipment.
8. The temperature control mode is PID control mode, with high temperature control accuracy and small temperature difference, ensuring product quality. The difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature is within 2 degrees.
9. Using world-renowned brand electrical, pneumatic and steam control components, the performance is stable and reliable.
10. Use external wood pellet smoke device, motor control automatic feeding.

Details Pictures of Our Machine:

Scene Pictures of Meat Smoking House

Scene Pictures of Meat Smoking House

Meat Smoking House Working Video:

Machine Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters of Meat Smoking House

Component Use on Our Machine:

Component of Meat Smoking House

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